1 of the largest schools in England, but... Exmouth also has...
  • Limited post-16 education, apprentice or employment opportunities.
  • The 2nd highest record of youth offenders in Devon.
  • High alcohol-related crime rate.
20% of over 16s have no formal qualifications
  • Exmouth urgently needs a hub for education and vocational training, business support and community facilities.
  • The closure of Rolle College in 2008 cost the Exmouth economy around £5M a year.
3 big needs: Skills, knowledge, opportunity
  • Exmouth's Rolle College has become a wasted space and it's effecting the prospects of our children.
  • If we save the Rolle we can provide young people with the skills and knowledge they need to get on in life.
4 ways you can help

Whether you can donate a few seconds of your time, or you'd like to make a bigger investment in the project it couldn't be easier to get involved in our campaign.