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The Directors of Rolle Exmouth Ltd are a group of volunteers who give their time to the project. We all live in Exmouth and care about the town’s future, believing that the Rolle Centre will help to enrich it. We meet regularly to further the business of the Rolle Centre. Once a year, at the AGM, one-third of the Directors resign, and, if they so wish, stand for re-election. At this stage, others, too, may stand for election.

The Board is supported by project management staff and professional advisors, who have been funded by the recent Social Investment Business Group grant.


Deborah Hallett is Chair of the Board of Rolle Exmouth Ltd. She established At 90 Degrees, a UK-based Management Consulting firm, in 2005 after a successful 25-year corporate career working internationally for Ford Motor Co., the Mars Group, SmithKline Beecham and Xansa. Deborah undertook her post-graduate studies at Exeter University’s Centre for Leadership and her Bachelor of Science & Economics degree at the University of Wales. Based near Exmouth on the family farm with her husband, David, she is a proactive advocate of development in the local economy, belonging to both the CBI and the IoD.

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Roy Pryke, BA, FCP, FRSA is Chair of the Board of Rolle Exmouth Ltd. He came to Woodbury, near Exmouth, from Cheshire some forty years ago to work for the County Council, eventually becoming Deputy Chief Education Officer. On retirement he became a Visiting Professor at Exeter University, where he established the Virtual Staff College and a Masters course for senior managers in Children’s Services. At the same time he worked in England and Wales as a consultant as well as for the British Council on projects in China, Jordan and Zimbabwe. In his spare time, when not sailing, playing golf or keeping up with his wife and family, he has worked in a voluntary capacity for more than ten years, leading the team which produced the Design Statement for The Avenues area of special character where Rolle is located and, since 2006, chairing the Exmouth Community Association, which has been closely engaged with the Town Council, District Council and County Council in promoting improvements in Exmouth.

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Roger Staker, a chartered public finance accountant, is one of the Directors of the Rolle Centre. He gained senior-level experience in local authorities and the water industry as Assistant County Treasurer of North Yorkshire and Assistant Director of South West Water Authority. He moved to the IT industry in 1984, becoming ICL’s (International Computers Ltd) International Market Development Manager for their non-UK public sector market. In 1991 he established himself as an independent management consultant. Over the following 18 years he undertook assignments in the public, private and voluntary/community sectors. He has been Chief Executive of a variety of companies and successfully undertaken business turnaround projects. In 2006 he returned to Exmouth. He remains a director of Estuary League of Friends and is a founder and Managing Director of Rolle Exmouth Ltd.

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Mike Tracey, BA, ACIB, and his wife Dee, were regular visitors to Exmouth for over forty years until they finally moved here in May 2004.  Mike spent all his working life with Barclays Bank in the Birmingham and Coventry areas, where he held several managerial positions, and learned a great deal about the effective functioning of a wide variety of businesses.  He has always been heavily involved in voluntary work and at one time held positions of responsibility in nine different organisations. He is currently chairman of Exmouth Historical and Archaeological Society and treasurer of the Exmouth group of Devon Wildlife Trust.  He is a past treasurer, and current auditor, of Exmouth Community Association.  His recreations are historical research, reading, walking and playing cricket. Mike is Company Secretary.

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Martin Creed has lived in Exmouth since 1995. He is past Chairman of Exmouth Round Table and is currently a member of and former President of Exmouth Raleigh Rotary Club. By profession Martin was a Chartered Loss Adjuster with 40 years experience of handling property insurance claims and business interruption losses in the UK and abroad. His biggest interest now is in community affairs and charity fundraising. Martin’s hobbies are sport (he is still an active golfer), his allotment and walking.

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